“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the singer of a colourful garage band called Lulu Lewis. Dylan Hundley‘s deadpan vocal style is somewhere between Suicide, DEVO, and the Flying Lizards, while backed up by horn infused punk that’s a bit James Chance, a bit The Saints, and a slice of Roxy Music, led by Pablo Martin, ex lead guitar of Tom Tom Club and from acclaimed funk band The Du-Rites. Dylan, from New York, is all about the visuals, and has had a glittering career in movies both in front of the camera (acting in “Metropolitan”, “Dangerous Game” and “Last Days of Disco” amongst many others), and behind as a producer (“Buzzkill”). She’s also got impeccable musical nous, as her choice of tune attests. I’m very pleased to welcome to these pages, the singularly talented and unmistakably charming Dylan Hundley!


Lulu Lewis are playing at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn on November 17th and the Bowery Electric on December 15th…

but, in the meantime, it’s over to Dylan for a most excellent “song for ewe” (or two, or three)…

“Oh, hey, hi! Thanks Nick for asking me to weigh in here. Total thrill. Ok, so, there were 3 bands in the past year that captured me deeply. They are Tubeway Army, Suburban Lawns and The Clean. This era (late 70’s – early 80”s) in general really has my heart more than any other. It’s where I identify most and the sounds of this time totally transfix me.

It’s hard to pick amongst these 3 and each have a single track that I keep listening to over and over and over again. I’m going to have to declare a winner though (just cause that’s the task) and give honorable mention to the other 2.

Ok! “Listen to the Sirens” by Tubeway Army (which later became just Gary Numan) is top choice. This song!!!! It hits everything for me. It’s synth, it’s rock, it’s primal, it’s slick and rough. Total perfection of its era and the Eno, Roxy Music influences are so well carried on to a new place. It goes into my top 20 of all time ever for sure. It’s also extra cool that Gary Numan is top of the charts in Great Britain right now! Very glad that this music is still alive and loved.

Honorable mention to “Green Eyes” by Suburban Lawns and Su Tissue’s amazing vocal style and lyrics. Also, deep honorable mention to The Clean and “Point that Thing Somewhere Else” for being so totally sublime and true.

Thanks again! Cheers and have a good day.”


Check out more on LULU LEWIS here…

also, since Dylan chose Gary Numan, here’s a reprise of Gary’s “song for ewe”…

GARY NUMAN – Song For Ewe