“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest usually goes by the name of Jarrod Mahon and hails from home of Aussie punk legends The Saints – Brisbane where there’s seemingly something in the water, in the ether and the offing, if Jarrod’s work as Emerson Snowe and the Robin Guthrie/Cocteau Twins approved band Hatchie are anything to go by (incidentally Jarrod used to be in cult Brisbane band The Creases with Joe from Hatchie too).

In fact, there’s some bloody great music coming out of Australia full stop right now, what with Rolling Blackouts SF delivering one of the best albums of the year on Sub Pop, and with Drones new incarnation TFS whipping up a tropical you know what sort of storm. That’s not to mention Courtney Barnett who’s well on the way to conquering the world. Plus of course as they’ve been quick to tell us, they’re a lot better at coping with the stifling heat and a lot of white light / white heat is about to head Emerson Snowe’s way if single “Sunlight” out on Liberation Records is anything to go by. It certainly tickles me Ariel Pink. High-feeling low fidelity wooziness with the simplicity of The Clean and the psych elasticity of Pond, it’s grabby, in the sense that it wants to give you a cuddle. Plus the visually arresting promo shots remind me of Bobby Conn crossed with a young Johnny Marr which is no bad thing. It’s a pleasure to welcome to these pages, not least because his name give or take a “g” is almost an anagram of “song for ewe”, Emerson Snowe!

Emerson Snowe has been supporting the likes of the aforementioned Courtney Barnett and King Krule and has been picking up plaudits from his heroes too. Which is nice.

Here’s another reason why, some simple almost Crystal Stilts organ action on the song “Could You Love Me?” He comes across as a nice guy. He’ll even let you play with his piano.

He’s obviously got that well honed (broad-stroking here) Australian sense of humour crossed with thick skin don’t give a flying one attitude if Jarrod’s song choice is anything to go by. Without further ado, here’s his “song for ewe”…

“Secos & Molhados – Sanger Latino

I came across Secos & Molhados through a video for this song on Facebook. A lot of people were making fun of it and saying how ridiculous it was and how stupid they must have been for doing such a thing on television. I think the song is beautiful and I love the vocal melodies. It’s not French – but it has something to do with my love of French pop that drew me to it – the idea that you don’t have to know the language, but the melody still brings you a certain emotion. I’d like to think that’s something I hopefully do subconsciously in my music. I really do love this song.

Also the video itself is great.”


You can purchase “Sunlight” here.

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