“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guests are from what is reputedly one of the most remote cities on Earth – and it rhymes with Earth cos it’s Perth, Australia. The solitudinous synth pop sonics of Erasers, the name of the duo formed by Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas are totally a product of their dusty isolation.

Third album “Constant Connection” out April 22nd on Night School Records (UK/EU) & Fire Talk Records (everywhere else) cries out for what they want, but don’t always get in their indie outlier outpost, connectivity, the erasure of borders and barriers. Orchard’s vocals float like a quasi-religious incantation or perhaps an unbending cry into the wilderness. Sparse keyboards meet the meditative monotone and it’s truly trance inducing.

They can literally see for miles and miles, and I couldn’t wait to hear what they’d chosen as their song pick. Welcome to VS, the palate cleansing musical palette of Erasers…

Erasers started out in 2009 as a DIY home recording project on Whadjuk Noongar boodja (Perth, Western Australia) spawning a plethora of CD-Rs, cassettes and 7″s before a hook up with US label Fire Talk for a first record proper in 2015 called “Stem Together”. EPs, tape commissions and a second have followed (“Pulse Points” in 2019) not to mention a ton of touring with international kindred spirits The Soft Moon, Grouper, Acid Mothers Temple and Prince Rama to name but four.

This is my first foray into the Erasers experience – one that’s truly mesmerising, and whose single-minded musical intransigence ironically takes me to another place entirely.

Here’s the ambiguous but beguiling artwork – like Cy Twombly took a tumble down under.

And another top tune from the album “Constant Connection”…

Erasers own music is deeply evocative and intriguing, so it was a treat to get a peak through the looking glass into their own influences. Without further ado, here’s the Erasers “song for ewe”…

“Soda Lite Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler comes from Soda Lite’s (Alex Last) latest (and in our opinion, best!) record “Aqua Solar Cura”, which was released in late January via Not Not Fun. This is a stunning record of New Age/Ambient music, that perfectly reflects the personality of the person that made it. Alex has always had a strong and admirable connection to natural world, we remember them talking excitedly about plans to make a documentary about Magpies and their various calls and songs.

Now based in Nipaluna/Hobart, Alex is an old friend and was a long-time resident of Boorloo/Perth’s outsider/DIY scene. Along with their partner Chloe, they would host these beautiful backyard shows. Together, they also ran a semi-regular evening called Mystery Bands, where people would form a new band for one performance only. We once performed in a one-night only band called Mike Whitney Houston, which was as laughable as the name suggests. We still hold these shows dear to our heart and when Alex and Chloe left Perth it definitely left a big hole in the creative community here. But we’re so glad we can still hear Alex’s amazing music in recorded form, from across the waters.”



The album “Constant Connection” is out this Friday 22nd April via Night School Records/Fire Talk.