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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a Berlin based, Norwegian born multi-instrumentalist, performer / producer née Kari Jahnsen but known as Farao. With a new, second album called “Pure-O” released October 19th on Western Vinyl, and a hauntingly beautiful eardrum buzz of a single called “Lula Loves You”, “loosely based on the David Lynch movie “Wild At Heart”, I am pleased that Farao has not only agreed to choose a song but she’s also furnished us with a photo holding her the record in question. What a great sport!

Here’s “Lula Loves You” with a pleasingly dizzying video complete with glacial stares and metronomic shoulder moves, fantastic analogue synths, a glitter ball and a floating eagle bird of prey, directed by Farao herself.

Here’s the super stylish album artwork for “Pure-O”

And Farao has described the vibe of “Pure-O”  in her recent blurb thus…

“My choices for instrumentation and arrangement on the record were inspired by my falling in love with old Soviet disco (Eduard Artemyev, Zigmars Liepiņš, Aleksei Kozlov) and subsequent collecting of boutique, Soviet-era analog synthesizers. A reawakening of my love for sensual ‘90s R&B (TLC, Janet Jackson), the spiritual harp playing of Alice Coltrane, and the minimal compositions of Terry Riley have all inspired the album,” Jahnsen explains, adding, “A danceable contrast between the industrial framework of the beats and synths, and the organic vitality and flow of the vocals and zither are what provide the sonic bed.”

…and it’s with that in mind, Farao’s “song for ewe” choice is thrown sharply into focus…and makes perfect sense.

“Eduard Artemiev – Meeting On The Milky Way

Soviet prog explosion on the Milky Way! What a fantastic track. So many insanely complex parts and it all fits so perfectly together. How this song came to be is beyond me – it’s taken me a year just to understand the different time signatures.”


See Farao live:
Oct 17th – Sebright Arms, LONDON

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