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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. London based singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, composer and sound artist Fran Lobo is a true polymath symbiotically inspired by the seemingly apposite worlds of clubbing and choral singing. As a music workshop leader, Lobo has been commissioned to work with several prestigious London choirs including conducting the choir for the album launch party for electronic artiste Floating Points and arranging original music for the all-female Deep Throat Choir and LIPs choir.

As a dance musician, with more than a touch of Neneh Cherry, Lobo has collaborated with UNKLE and supported acts like Matthew Herbert, Okay Kaya & Reykjavikurdaetur and she has a new EP coming  on Slow Dance Records called “Brave” which mixes the sonic architecture of her two worlds with intertwined choral sounds, orchestral instruments, field recordings plus analogue drum machines and samplers and tells a dream-story of addiction, reclaiming identity and processing grief. In short, Lobo is an inventive dynamo who defies characterisation, and she’s chosen a pleasingly esoteric tune for us, so welcome to VS the energetic excitement of Fran Lobo!

Ahead of “Brave”, here is the single “Monster”

“Brave” was recorded between Stereolab’s Andy Ramsay’s studio (home of recordings by King Krule and Mount Kimbie) and 3D from Massive Attack’s studio in Bristol with Bruno Ellingham at the controls. And Bristol seems like a fitting setting for the Tricky-esque edge that skeeters around Fran Lobo’s style – that’s equally street tuff and street smart.

In the press blurbs Lobo has said of the record “This EP is about staying brave despite having your heart torn apart and the pressure you feel as a woman to keep a brave face and to not break down, or show emotion, or ‘be cool’ when in fact breaking down and opening up is the answer to everything.” but what has she told us at Velvet Sheep about a record that she’s dug lately?

Without further ado, here’s Fran Lobo’s “song for ewe”…

“Merlin is a really special performer and artist, someone who I met earlier this year and was super inspired by because of her playfulness with voice, character, physicality and sound. Her performance was somewhere between performance art and live music show with so many different strokes in between. We shared the bill at Laylow in January for the Slow Dance Records ’19 compilation release show, a release we were both featured on which led to me signing with the label for my latest record ‘Brave’.

This track was Merlin’s offering on the compilation and it’s a euphoric psychedelic ten minute alt club tune with beautiful vocal layering and a trippy video that matches perfectly.”


The “Brave” EP by Fran Lobo is out on June 19th via Slow Dance Records.

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