“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s it’s Georgina McGeough, one half of mesmeric Irish duo Song Sung along with twin sister Una.

Brought up in Monaghan, a mere whisker away from the border with Northern Ireland, their father played in show-bands in the 70s & 80s, while their mother had an undeniable artistic streak, so it seemed inevitable they’d wind up at the Belfast School of Art, but destiny took them further to lay down roots in the East Village of NYC where they’ve been for the last decade, predominantly forging a career in the art world.

They started making their own music by making melodies over the thumping bass coming from the nightclub below their apartment, and combined with their burgeoning love for software dabbling and vocal layering, they’ve amassed a plethora of hypnotic material that feels reassuringly 4AD. Step aside the Cocteau Twins and Twin Shadow, here come the McGeough twins with their debut album “This Ascension Is Ours”, out July 31st via Night Time Stories.

The constantly cycling video for lead tune “Telling Tales” by director Padraig Timoney is reminiscent of one of my favourite ever artworks Steve McQueen’s “Drumroll”, except swapping the urban sprawl of Manhattan with a wild bogscape in Ireland, and while it could have potentially been vomit inducing, it is instead trance enhancing, elevating the tune into an unstoppable harmony in my head.

Welcome to VS, Song Sung’s Georgina McGeough!

“This Ascension Is Ours” has been years in the making. Via a mutual friend, the filmmaker Seamus Harahan, Song Sung got a connection to electronic maestro artiste/composer/DJ David Holmes. Harahan was working with Holmes on a collaborative project and he farmed out a track for his friends to work on, and they turned it around quick smartish.

Word got back that Holmes loved it, so they got in direct touch, and although an album hadn’t been on the cards, they ended up woodshedding at Holmes studio in late 2015/2016. They followed this up with the bouncing of ideas back and forth between New York and Belfast with David sending the arrangements and Song Sung crafting the lyrics and vocal melodies.

Holmes ended up producing the resultant album with fellow composer and Unloved band-mate Keefus Ciancia with whom he’d worked on numerous scores including The Fall and Killing Eve, and unsurprisingly “This Ascension Is Ours” has turned out widescreen cinematic and wildly evocative, retro-futuristic and truly arresting. It took its time to finish but its been finished as beautifully and long-lasting as the brushed steel that adorns the cover.

But what of Song Sung’s song choice? Much like their own music it’s an ethereal nugget, ready to freefall through the stratosphere into your inner-ear, pleasingly psychedelic, bluer than Derek Jarman, more isolated and endangered than his Dungeness cottage, so without further ado, it’s over to Georgina McGeough with a “song for ewe”…

“We adore “Only Once Away My Son” by Brian Eno with Kevin Shields.

This instrumental track rises like the crest of a wave and dips down into a sort of immersive drone dream, where you just can’t sleep. Once you become acquainted with the subtleties of where it might go, it intensifies and transports you right back in again.

The movement is everything. It’s a breathtaking journey which continuously rises and falls for a little over nine minutes.

It’s layered with so much intensity, that I think I cried the first time I heard it.”


“This Ascension Is Ours” by Song Sung is out on July 31st on Night Time Stories.

More details on how to get your mitts on it, via the linkage below.

Night Time Stories website