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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is bass player and one of the triptych of songwriters from the legendary Teenage Fanclub. He’s written and sung my favourite ever Fannies songs including “Sparky’s Dream”, “Don’t Look Back”, “Star Sign” and “I Need Direction” and when one of my long lost best buds from MTV called up and asked if I wanted to see TFC at the Assembly Rooms in Islington this week I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been to a gig in ages, and with the harmonies and heart felt warmth still soaring I needn’t for a good while yet. Pop doesn’t get much better when these guys are on song, and none more so than the imperious songwriter and sensitive soul, Gerard Love!

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When I first started Velvet Sheep fanzine back in the early 90s, weirdly my first real love of Teenage Fanclub was born from the unlikely surrounds of the “Jabberjaw” LA club compilation where they nestled amongst the noisy shoulders of Girls Vs Boys, Helmet & Unwound with a fantastic song called “Total Weirdness”…

Obvs I went back to “Bandwagonesque” big style and when I went to uni in London a great mate, the Leeds-Swiss powerhouse Rich Angstmann used to play me “Grand Prix” a load usually prior to us practising for our own punk band. “Grand Prix” is pretty flawless it has to be said, unlike our combo.

When I became channel manager of MTV2, I hired a guy called Jim Hickey (who went onto direct the “Dirty Sanchez” movie) who was a massive Fannies fan too. His first interview foray was to chat to TFC circa “Howdy” and he was truly made up. So it seemed like great symmetry for us to meet up and watch the band in Islington this week, playing some old favs and 4 great new tunes from their tenth studio album “Here” out today…


Cos I’m of the generation that still pays for music, I pre-ordered “Here” and it’s bloody ace! This is the lead one “I’m in Love”…

And here’s the second single, written and sung by my man Gerry!

Still feeling elated (as it also coincided with my birthday week), I have been listening to the Fannies non stop ever since. I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I am beyond chuffed that I can now publish a song choice from Gerry, who I got in touch with via FB a while back, so we can find out what the great man has enjoyed listening to lately, so without further ado, here’s Gerard Love with his “song for ewe”….

“Hi Nick,

Here is my choice : Los Angeles “No Estoy Contento”

“No Estoy Contento” is a beautiful example of late 1960s reverb-drenched orchestrated pop from Spain with vocal harmonies that give me goosebumps. Sometimes I wish I could live inside this recording. 

Hope this is okay.

Short and sweet!



You can hear more of “Here” here…