“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest was born to be in music, only after the doctor who delivered her had to discharge her mum from hospital so he could get to a Christmas party. The daughter of Deep Purple’s Roger Glover, she had her first taste of rock and roll when she nearly stumbled into a Deep Purple gig from the wings in the early 80s, and made her first song (a rap) complete with synthesisers and a C90 that’s been conveniently lost.

She’s lived in the US, been a scuba dive-master in Egypt and formed a band called Beat:Root. She sang the song “Bargain Basement” on her Dad’s 2002 solo album “Snapshot”. But it was around the time of her debut solo album “Red Handed” that I first met her, courtesy of a mutual friend and her then-manager Tom Wilcox (of Colchester punk band Maniac Squat). Welcome to VS to Gillian Glover!

Since “Red Handed” (2005) Gillian eventually formed her current self-titled band, and after starting a family she sang and co-wrote on Roger Glover’s 2011 album “If Life Was Easy” and then her second Gillian Glover album “Still Life With Music” in 2013. She’s also been designing and making jewellery from guitar strings, but I wondered what other music is in the offing, and in neat symbiosis, the news combines with Gillian’s choice of “song for ewe”, so without further ado…

“I have been asked by someone to cover a song of theirs for a project to be released later this year – can’t mention who yet as it is all in a secret pipeline;) But there is a catch to the cover – I must sing it in Spanish!

I love singing in Spanish, actually, but it has been a while. So as I make the words comfortable in my mouth again, I am listening to artists like Lhasa today. She sings in Spanish, French and English equally beautifully. I love the quality of her voice, her lyrics – simple yet profound, and the multi-layered nature of her songs, well-constructed with interesting instrumentation. I am always noticing something new on every listen. So this song is one of my favourites: