“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest was given props by the mighty soul singer Wanda Jackson (during her recent Jack White produced resurgence) after she covered Wanda’s classic “Let’s Have A Party” – “what a voice!” she said, and who are we to argue. She’s the singer/songwriter in classy, fairly new to us, Birmingham garage rock n’ soul band Harry & The Howlers, who combine Johnny “Guitar” Watson oomph with Cramps kitsch song titles and 50s pin up chic/cheek. VS have a long history with fantastic second city garage bands from the ColdRice Collective (many of whom played when we were a club night), and Swampmeat Family Band through to Table Scraps today (not forgetting appearances on this website from Brum legends like Pete Hammond from the Au Pairs and Maggie Dunne from Fuzzbox) and of course our own writer/DJ Thomas T-Bird Jones from Takin’ Care Of Business, so it’s great to find another new hero to celebrate. We’re expecting great things from Harry Jordan, so welcome to VS Harry!

Joined by band mates Michelle Dawes, Kris Hill and Toby Smith, with tribal drums like Bow Wow Wow and a touch of Damaged Goods records types like Cowbell and of course Holly Golightly, how can you resist? If VS was still a clubnight (one day, one day), we’d be booking them like a flash. Greater than the sum of their influences though, what did Harry choose as her “song for ewe”…without further ado…

“My pick is by 70’s girl group ‘Fanny’ and their infectious track ‘You’re The One’. They’re a band I absolutely love, hooks that stay with you all day, loads of harmonies and they’re all absolute bad asses!

This track like most of their material, could be released tomorrow and it would still sound current.”

(Nick – bit like Harry & The Howlers, timeless. Cheers Harry!)

Check out Harry & The Howlers Spotify playlist below for more R n R action…