Hilary Woods photo by Joshua Wright

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a Dublin musician, writer, artiste newly signed to the Sacred Bones label from NY (Amen Dunes, Zola Jesus, Follakzoid). I filmed her way back when while at MTV2 in a previous more trad indie band guise, but she has become an intriguing art rock prospect, with the poise and style of Lykke Li mixed with the surreal stylings of Julee Cruise and the stark minimalism of Grouper. After a couple of well received EPs, there’s a debut solo album called “Colt” incoming (June 8th), I’m pleased to welcome to these pages, the graceful majesty of Hilary Woods!

Check out the video for “Inhaler” directed by long term collaborators Joshua Wright and featuring dancer/choreographer Justine Cooper.

Woods spent last year writing and recording songs on an eight-track in an abandoned Dublin flat she was living in at the time, layering piano, synth, tape machine, field recordings, drones and antique string instruments, she crafted “Colt” as a sound collage and a piece of art.

Having studied film and literature during fits and starts at fine art school, Woods had been away from music for a good few years, before returning in 2014 to begin a far more open ended sonic adventure than previous trad power pop leanings. Fully multi-sensory stuff, Woods’ new chapter fully took root with the EP “Night”, with 2016’s “Heartbox” also winning plaudits. Her art rock tendrils spread further last year when she was chosen as a “wild card” artist by Dublin’s Fringe Festival after writing a theatre piece from sound design. She also composed an original score for a horror film as part of the Irish Film Institute’s Weimar Republic cinema season.


More recently she’s been a guest of Warpaint and Keaton Heston and these seem apt kindred spirits, given the ethereal quality of “Inhaler” and Woods’ songwriting chops.

But what did Hilary choose as an obscure tune she’s been digging. Without further ado, here’s Hilary’s “song for ewe”…

I’m loving ‘Old Friends’ by Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug.
It’s romantic, apocalyptic, imaginative, experimental.
It’s also inspiring in its use of texture, fuzz and washed-out pitch to relay a story.
Love the accompanying artwork too –



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