“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is an artist originally born in Yokohama, Japan but who’s lived in London since the age of 3. An astute student of the synthesiser, they initially trained as an audio engineer, went onto work at a record label, and then as part of a curation team for a festival before working full time as a pianist/keyboard player and programmer for the likes of Georgia, Kate Tempest, James Bay, KT Tunstall and Jaakko Eino Kalevi, but now Hinako is branching out on her own, with a debut EP that mixes sonic manipulation with esoteric rumination, quite literally in the lead track “Auraelia” (out on 22nd November via Injazero Records). And now with a “song for ewe” that’s of a similarly cosmic palette, welcome to VS, Hinako Omori!


For “Auraelia” Hinako has sifted through a lifetimes work of instrumental demos, lyrics and field recordings, digging in the digital crates of her accumulated hard drives, and it’s been an intense inter-cranial experience. The ideas for the EP came from having daily migraines with auras for a month – the auras leading to haziness/bluriness/light spots and partial loss of sight which matches the emotions she was feeling at the time, confusion, melancholy and ambiguity – and it was in this semi-removed out of body state that such otherworldly music emerged.

Discovering that Aurealia are a type of jellyfish which respond to stimuli detected through tentacles rather than via any kind of brain or central nervous system, it seemed the perfect title for a record that is all about intuition, about feeling her way in an intrinsically fluid world.

And continuing the aquatic theme, without further ado, here’s Hinako’s “song for ewe”…

“Daphne Oram – Tumblewash

I’ve been a huge fan of the wonderful Daphne Oram’s work for a while, and have recently been obsessing over her invention of the Oramics technique where you could ‘paint’ your sounds onto 35mm film tape (with different tapes to determine the pitch, timbre, volume, vibrato and tremolo of your sound) and convert these graphics into sound waves. A genius and pioneer, and composer of the most beautiful and intriguing soundworlds…

This is one of the tracks taken from the Oramics album, called Tumblewash:

See Hinako Omori live:
4th December – SET, London

Thanks to Hinako and to Kate Price at Stereo Sanctity PR

The debut EP “Auraelia” is out on 22nd November via Injazero Records

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