“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the legendary singer who fronted cult 80s/early 90s LA glam punk rock band The Nymphs. In 1989, pre-Nirvana they signed to Geffen for a multi-million dollar deal contract and ended up singing their song “The Highway” (about a young girl obsessed with the serial killer Richard Ramirez) in the 1990 movie “Bad Influence” (starring Rob Lowe).

After an acrimonious and messy break-up with the label, she returned to her roots in New Jersey and teamed up with the band Motel Shootout and released the single “Burn” on Sympathy For The Record Industry. She befriended Jeff Buckley and collaborated on music with him before his untimely demise, with some of the work ending up on her solo record “Transcendental Medication” on Triple X Records in ’99.

She then moved back to LA, played in a load of bands, played a cameo in the film Down And Out With The Dolls and sang “Slip It In” with Henry Rollins in the Black Flag tribute album “Rise Above”. These days she performs solo and sings a ton of Nymphs songs, and when I got in touch with her she’d just been painting a mural.

She’s a law unto herself, she’s an outlaw, she’s down by law – she’s Inger Lorre!

Inger swapped notes about her fanzine roots…

“I had an AMAZING zine when I was a teenager on the late 80’s called ON THE RAG. In which I interviewed MOTORHEAD, The Dead Boys, Girlschool, The Misfits etc. So i truly KNOW from a fans point of view. Which I’ll always be…a fan. How much fun it is!!!!”

But what of Inger’s choice of tune…without further ado, here’s her “song for ewe”…

“Walkin on Guilded splinters “—- by Dr. JOHN.

I WAS speaking with a very famous music critic….about my ABSOLUTE love and REVERENCE for DR.JOHN…..And this critic kept on saying “walking on guided splinters”—- which I thought sounded very cool and poetic……but I had no Idea that it was a Dr. JOHN SONG. Until my music critic friend said to me (with GREAT SHOCK AND SURPRISE)—” YOU’VE NEVER HEARD IT!!!?????? NOPE. I HADN’T. WELL HE PLAYED IT FOR ME…….AND HOO BOY….

Everything he promised waz TRUE. Musky Incense thru the TALL AFRICAN SHRUBBERY. A low fire. A voodoo witch doctor muttering incantations over the fire. And then…….POOF!!!!° Magic INDEED!!!!!!!”

I’m glad you’ve found my mutterings about Dr. JOHN. To be usable Nick. I’m super tired and was just woken up from a long nap after painting a huge mural for 12 hours. Whew! Well. ROCK ON NICK! Have a lovely day!”