“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a welcome fixture on the North Brooklyn indie scene, an ever-present at venues like Glasslands, Zebulon, 285 Kent and other long lost Williamsburg institutions. She’s a bassist non-pareil, instantly recognisable for her bob, boots and playing chops and she’s appeared with everyone, notably as original bassist for post-riot grrrl outfit TEEN. Now on a third solo album, a deeply personal affair called “The Home Record” – a pleasing and teasing play on “home wrecker”, this one’s been produced by Martin Bisi, used to the crunching heft of Swans or Sonic Youth but bringing emotion crushing subtlety to a suite of songs which are a web of plaintive yet haunting, slightly gothic lullabies. Formerly using the arachnid nom de plume Spider, but now herself, we extend a warm hand of welcome to Jane Herships!

Here’s a taster from “The Home Record” out at the end of the month, a song called “Best Friends” which Jane describes as “somewhat ironic since it’s really about endings and changes.”

and here’s the video to the song “Scott Carpenter”…

Jane grew up in a TV-free home in Maplewood, New Jersey, but with a musical destiny: her “cool Uncle” played keyboards with The Who, and taught her “Chopsticks”. She graduated from duos with her Mum in the car to the choir’s acapella group at her all-girl school and teaching herself to play the guitar at 14. While lending her nascent skills to many cool mates, she very much ploughed her own furrow, found her own way, got lost on a feeling – that’s redolent of Mazzy Star, Madder Rose or “Laurel Canyon” Joni, and “The Home Record” is very much a coming home to roost of a heartfelt journey so far.

But what tune has recently caught Jane’s vivid ear, without further ado, here’s Jane Herships “song for ewe”…from one earnest, born songwriter to another…

“I picked Paul Westerberg’s “Black Eyed Susan” as my song. It’s from his album 14 songs which is his first solo album after The Replacements.

It’s a very intimate song, but it’s got this rhythm track that is just this drum machine high-hat that just keeps going though the whole song giving it this incessant quality. I’ve read that it was a demo and that when it came time to record he couldn’t remember the tuning so it was released as is.

It’s been a favorite of mine for years. It’s one of those songs I can put on repeat and almost never get sick of no matter how many times I hear it”

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