“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today, it’s song-writer, bassist and founder of a band instrumental in the early stages of Velvet Sheep fanzine in its original papery carnation, a band at the eye of the riot grrrl storm and the star turn on a 7″ which I’ve bought a couple of times, the epochal “Some Hearts Paid To Lie” record on Wiiija Records with Skinned Teen, Pussycat Trash & Comet Gain.

They had an excellent if criminally underlooked album on Elemental Records called “Yougli” with top single “Super Golgotha Crucixion Scene” and were the first band I’d interviewed in person at a gig on spec. She’s continued to be a follower of the zine, along with sister and band mate Tammy, from a band I still have a super soft spot for, Linus it’s the brilliant Jennifer Denitto!


Jennifer first featured in Velvet Sheep number 10 (ps. the first 5 zines were only a couple of pages each and had originally been called “We Thought You Were S***”). VS 10 was one of the first where the identity was truly set, and I kind of had my s*** together-ish. Enough to get out to gigs and talk to people! And meeting Linus was truly exciting as they were all over the NME & MM the only music bibles I had in the ‘burbs. They were on stage truly incendiary but off it thoroughly lovely, so I’m pleased I’ve managed to stay in touch some 20 plus years later.


Jen certainly remembers her Sheep shiznizz and I asked her what she’s doing at the mo’ too:

“I had a quick look through my fanzines this evening, and I couldn’t find my old Velvet Sheeps, but I’m pretty sure I definitely had #18 with Killdozer and Shudder to Think (looking at your FB page – my memory isn’t that great!). At least! It was a memorable fanzine…(thanks Jen!!!)


“As for what I’m up to, I am a mummy of a pre-schooler and a worker in a day job.


I’ve able to continue playing music most years, and I moved over from bass to drums about 15 years ago. I’ve played in a lot of great bands since then. The current main project I’m involved in The Wimmins’ Institute. I drum, but also get to sing and write songs, and so it’s collaborative and fun a bit like it was back in the old days.



I also get asked to do a lot of drumming stand-in moonlighting gigs, and should be drumming for Rebekah Delgado at St Pancras Old Church on June 1st. Provided rehearsal goes ok!


I tend to use my twitter for drum related stuff, but I also have a website which I’ll link to also.



I’m glad Jen is still keeping the dream alive, and she picks a fine line / Linus in “songs for ewe”, so without further ado, here’s Jen’s pick:

“There’s so many songs I could choose for this! I’m gonna go for an ‘obvious’ choice, for me, with Jonathan Richman and ‘The Neighbours’ from Jonathan Sings!… I first heard Jonathan Richman when I was 17, right after I started to get into the Velvet Underground etc (in ’87 it was a lot more obscure than it is now).

He was introduced to me by Andy from Linus, almost as soon as he’d met me, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I love this album, I love the way Jonathan sings, and Ellie Marshall’s vocals on this are also gorgeous. I love what this song says, how it says it, and I think it’s a good way to live. It’s funny, too. There’s a lot of respect in this song, even of the neighbours that Jonathan doesn’t want to rule his life.”



here’s some more info on Jen’s new band

“p.s. there’s quite a lot of gigs for The Wimmins’ Institute, I had to look ’em up. 🙂  we have these tour dates:

23 May – BRIGHTON – The Hope & Ruin, with ARXX and Echo and the Beats
28 May – LONDON – The 100 Club, supporting Bis
4 June – West Sussex – Glastonwick Festival
11 June – BRISTOL – with Viva Zapata
and these festival dates coming up:
July 2nd: the Matchwomen Festival, Nambucca, London.
July 15th: Tolpuddle Festival
Along with our debut CD ‘ Badass Lady Power Picnic’ which people can get from our WordPress site or in record stores via Cargo.