“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a folk singer-songwriter with a lightness of touch, underpinned by steely determination and timeless quality. She supported Max Rafferty of The Kooks on a European tour, which resulted in him and Nick Brine (Bruce Springsteen, Seasick Steve, Stone Roses) producing her debut album at the Rockfield Studios in Wales.

With an album due in Spring next year, first single “Naked Afternoon” was a perfect aperitif, followed by a “Keep on Running” chaser which has twice been chosen by BBC Introducing as track of the day and she’s now got a great EP called “Make A Sound”, so we’re delighted to welcome to Velvet Sheep and make some noise for Jess Bishop!

Jess has also been touring the UK as support to Americana artists Mandolin Orange and Joey Landreth and “is currently busy working on her second record” which shows a work ethic to be admired given that the World hasn’t discovered the treasures of her debut yet. Jess loves travel and literature, Joni Mitchell and Fleetwood Mac but influences aside, she definitely goes her own way. Check out the “Make A Sound” EP below…


But with no further ado, what has Jess chosen as her “song for ewe”?

“On the way to see Bob Dylan at the Hop Farm Festival a few years ago, as I was walking past one of the other tents, I heard this amazing guitar riff coming out so I just popped my head in to see who it was, but ended up not being able to leave!

I missed most of Bob Dylan, the reason I’d gone to the festival in the first place, but no regrets as I discovered Taj Mahal! “Queen Bee” is my favourite song of his.

For me, this song encapsulates everything I love about him as an artist; the blend between blues and world music, catchy unusual melodies, interesting rhythms and the energy!”

Twitter/Instagram: @jessbishopmusic