“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today it’s a singer-songwriter whose new album “Sorry Is Gone” recorded by VS fav John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr. & Kurt Vile producer) is out on 29 September on ATO records. The record also features Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on drums, Emil Amos of Grails and Holy Sons plus Seth Avetton who she sung an album of Elliott Smith covers with, but today is all about Jessica Lea Mayfield!

Jessica Lea Mayfield sings brittle-barked country, laid back but not soporific, humble yet packing an emotional punch. This is her first solo record since 2014’s “Make My Head Sing…” and is apparently about taking “her life back”.

Here’s another one to get the hairs on your neck bristling…it’s country but there’s nothing bumpkin-esque about the expletive that hits you like a punch drunk hornet early on in “Meadow”…

FFO Caitlin Rose or Courtney Barnett, but FFS you don’t need pale comparisons when you can see the vivid pink reality of our Jessica. And here’s her short, sweet but definitely not saccharine “song for ewe”…

“Peter Francisco by Jimmie Driftwood

Why I like: His songs are very weird, and he plays a little guitar that he built himself. He’s a classic back country inspiration.”

thanks to Jessica Lea Mayfield and to Liv Willars at One Beat PR

You can pre-order the new album “Sorry Is Gone” here…