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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a member of a gem of a new British band called Lucky Shivers.

Like a “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” era Pavement meets Drop Nineteens covering “Mandy” and a tad of Superchunk and Parquet Courts, they are pretty much everything I like in a band – wonky, asymmetric, off-kilter, off the scale. They’re so lo-fi they shot their first video “Human By Night” for £10 on our “song for ewe” star’s iPhone. And given that ITV is closing The London Studios and you can buy luxury condos in the old BBC Television Centre, shooting entire shows on a smart phone could well be the way forward. Say hallo to Jo Collis!

Lucky Shivers are partly from London, partly Northampton and currently rehearse above a karate studio in Leicester, which could explain their song-writer chops (groans at own Dad joke).

Jo is described on the press blurb as “talented cat lady” who the two founder members of the band Nicholas (half-American which could add to the impressions of my lo-fi heroes)  and Kieran met at a Xmas party.

Jo certainly gets her claws into this one, another new track – “Wrinkle Pillow”, a pleasingly succinct GBV style number.

“Human By Night” came out on 17 Feb on glittery vinyl and on non-glittery digital formats, and the story will continue as the rest of 17 unfolds…well worth following for the next episode. But in the meantime, and without further ado, it’s over to Jo:

“So I listened to this song ‘Done’ by Camp Cope this morning. I discovered this band last year because honestly I read a review of it and they intrigued me so I downloaded their record without hearing anything. I hardly ever do that. I love it and I was low key obsessed with it for a while. They are an Australian band and there seems to be a lot of exciting music coming out of Australia at the moment.

Anyway, this song ‘Done’ is the first one on the record and the first line is: “It was the hardest ground I had ever walked on,” and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. I don’t know why really but there is something really powerful and simple about it and it struck a chord with me.

Their singer Georgia has the kind of voice that makes me feel shimmery inside – it’s like Frances from Hop Along, or Regina Spektor, or Caitlin Rose; the kind of voice I wish I had. There’s a weird nostalgic vibe for me about Camp Cope because they have something that reminds me of Life Without Buildings and Sleater-Kinney and music that I loved when I was Camp Cope’s age.

I kind of felt bad for labelling them ‘obscure’ because they are having huge success in Australia and I hope they aren’t obscure over here in the UK for long.”


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