“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest has produced some great records by some of my favourite artistes, most notably as a long time collaborator with Dinosaur Jr. including on one of their best “Where You Been?” whose tracks featured in the John Peel festive 50 that year and on recent returns to form “Farm” and “I Believe In Sky” where a keyboard creeps in amongst the shredding! He’s also produced some great records by Sonic Youth (“Rather Ripped”), all of the Kurt Vile output, The Hold Steady‘s crossover albums, plus other great acts like The Breeders, Alice Cooper, persona favs Chavez, the force of nature that is Andrew WK, emo poppers Jimmy Eat World, The Lemonheads 93 classic “Big Gay Heart” and more recently much underrated London based Sub Pop punks Male Bonding….it’s the always rocking John Agnello who will always be found to be muting this…


He’s been at the dials for so many great records he deserves to put his Vans shod feet up…


But not before he chooses his “song for ewe” (ps. kept in the American spellings). Go for it John…

“Bram Tchaikovsky “Girl Of My Dreams”

One of my favorite songs as a 20 year old. Great power chords from the former guitar player of The Motors. Great lyrics. Who else would base a love song around a blow up doll from the States.

“Julie was an American Girl. Came in the morning from the US mail. She didn’t say nothing but she looked pretty god to me.”

Wonderful harmonies, great arrangement. So royal yet so twisted. Still one of my all time favorite songs.
How’s that Nick?”