“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a new signing to the classy Italians Do It Better label, home of recent David Lynch loves Chromatics and original muse Julee Cruise. Maltese musician / producer Joon is not so much flaming as emitting an incandescent white heat.

Her debut album “Dream Again” is out now and it was the result of what happens when ten years of writing careens into a life-changing accident which clarified her musical direction and intention. It’s dream pop, otherworldly yet a familiar friend, melancholic yet strangely affirmative. It could equally soundtrack Agent Dale Cooper or Ryan Gosling in Drive, a surreal soundworld of transcendent, widescreen synth waves and piquant vocals. “Whisper” is the enveloping lead single but I don’t want to whisper about our guest today – I want to SHOUT! WELCOME TO VS, JOON!

For Joon (aka Yasmin Kuymizakis) growing up in Malta she had no female role models for making electronic music. It was only after moving to London for study when she took a sound production course on a whim and was nudged into making her own productions. Not long after came a devastating breakup and a serious car accident she was lucky to walk away from which made her realise time was precious and that life was more than just a read-through. It was not only the spark but all the feels that came with it were cathartically channelled into the songs that form “Dream Again” produced by Italians Do It Better captain Johnny Jewel.

After returning to Malta, Joon made it her business to make electronic music production more accessible and founded the Maltese Sound Women’s Network with composer and academic Jess Rymer in 2017 (inspired by the Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network) “aiming to encourage and support other women making electronic music in Malta”. It’s now 800 strong.

It’s Joon’s musical education and urge for electronic evangelism that feeds into her song pick for us, so without further ado, this is Joon’s “song for ewe”…

“This was the first song I have heard from Meredith Monk, back when I was studying Sonic Arts in London. I will forever be enchanted by her.

This song and video really puts me in a trance and brings out some intense emotions in me. I am blown away every time I listen and watch the performance shot by Ping Chong.

It has taught me to let go and be very in tune with myself when I write vocal lines. It really inspires me and makes me want to go crazy and experiment vocally too.”

Meredith Monk “Turtle Dreams”



Italians Do It Better