Kendra Amalie live, photo by Dan Jarvis

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a bandleader, songwriter, experimentalist and sometime 12-string finger picking shredder! From Wisconsin, Kendra has a new album called “Intuition” out on 6 September on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond records and it features a meditative composition evocatively entitled “Improvisation For Mark Hollis” and is full of magnificent mellifluence and enveloping sonic sorcery. We are pleased to introduce and welcome the apposite audio thrills of Kendra Amalie

Enjoy the 4AD-esque charm of new single/video “Become The Light”…

Recorded with her friends in a shed in Saint Francis (literal “woodshedding”) Kendra’s band includes a core rhythm section of drummer Victoria Robison and bassist Sam Cook, with remote support from Taralie Peterson (cello), Al Moss (pedal steel), Peter McLaughlin (drums) and Jayve Montgomery (oboe), alongside the mixing effort of long-time collaborator Brian J. Sulpizio in Chicago.

Like me if you like Slowdive, the pastoral charm of Marisa Anderson, 80s Brit shoegaze and Australian band Underground Lovers you’ll love the music of Kendra Amalie. And if that sounds like the tiny intersection of a Venn diagram, it needn’t as “Intuition” is both a great soundscape and an arresting experience featuring both effects pedals and pedal steel, a maelstrom of malevolence following by a wistful remembrance.

Album artwork for “Intuition”

For an artist that sounds and from the press photos above and below like she has a symbiotic relationship with her environment, I was keen to find out Kendra’s song choice…

…and pleasingly it nods to the grassroots of the scene, if not punk rock in sound, definitely punk in spirit…without further ado, this is Kendra Amalie’s “song for ewe”…

“Tanner Noykoa’s Rust Promoter is my choice for Velvet Sheep! I love the way this music sounds. I find Rust Promoter’s expression to be a sympathetic response to the social, political, and economic landscapes in America. In addition to being an artist, he also supports the DIY music scene in Portland, OR by organizing shows for local and touring artists, an effort that helps keep art in America supported and authentic.

Communities everywhere need a channel for artists to communicate their unique perspective without pressure to conform to more popular and redundant formats.

Sounds and scenes like this are heroic and absolutely essential for furthering deep, open, and authentic expression. Learning to be comfortable expressing ourselves openly and learning how to be open to another’s open expression is absolutely how we learn, grow, and create peace.”

Here’s another tune from “Intuition” – “Breathe Underwater”…


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