“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s esteemed guest, the inimitable garage rock doyen Kid Congo Powers is in the unique position of having been a Cramp, a Bad Seed and a founder of the Gun Club, not to mention a president (of the The Ramones and then Screamers fan club). He’s also not afraid to upset the Pope as a proud pet owner too!

I’ve been a fan of his band Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds ever since I listened to “Dracula Boots” on a listening post in Rough Trade and have bought everything since, and my review of “Haunted Head” was my first piece for The Quietus. Last year, the “Swing from the Sean DeLear” EP on his longstanding label In The Red Records honoured a sadly missed kindred outsider muse and featured a 14’09” epic “He Walked In” with the locked in groove I’ve come to expect coupled with Afro-futurism and a tale of a dream where Kid was visited by the ghost of his old oppo Jeffrey Lee Pierce. On Velvet Sheep’s 20 songs of 2020 we featured “(Are You) Ready Freddy?” from the same record. It was much played by me here in the South London suburbs, many miles away from Kid’s dusty and dreamy Tucson, Arizona otherworld.

Kid’s music is extra-terrestrially brilliant, he’s an inspired songwriter, guitarist and vocalist with a ton of great stories – many of which I loved hearing on the recent Jim Sclavunous show on Soho Radio. And to remind us further of his unmatched punk rock legacy there’s a fine looking boxset of Gun Club 7″s on the way. And being an anithero of many stripes he’s also been recording covers for a Subsonics tribute and there’s a new Wolfmanhattan Project album on the way too (yay!!!) with fellow shitkickers Bob Bert and Mick Collins.

I’ve been on Kid’s case for a “song for ewe” for a while, and this year the planets have aligned and I’m very chuffed to say the least. Welcome to Velvet Sheep, for the first “song for ewe” of 2022: Kid Congo Powers!

Before his pick, do yourself a huge favour and lose yourself in “He Walked In”.

Who knew Mark Cisneros had a flute let alone could play it…

Meanwhile here’s a lockdown effort from Wolfmanhattan Project. I literally can’t wait for the follow up to “Blue Gene Stew” the 2019 debut album from these loveable rock & roll reprobates.

Kid has been there, written the fanzine, played the album, wore the t-shirt, so I knew we’d get a killer choice of tune for our series, and I was not disappointed. Without further ado, here’s Kid Congo Powers’ “song for ewe”…

“Suicide embrace the NYC nightlife disco era late 70’s sleazy cold glamour. Glittering and desolate.”


Photograph courtesy of Kid Congo Powers.

You can get the Preaching The Blues box set by The Gun Club at Rough Trade

here’s Kid’s own Bandcamp


Including these Subsonics covers recorded earlier last year. I’ll defo be spinning one plus Kid’s “song for ewe” pick on the next Velvet Sheep radio show.

Here’s that excellent interview special with Kid from earlier this week on the Jim Sclavunos show on Soho Radio…

Here’s the Velvet Sheep radio show featuring our Top 20 songs of 2020 including “(Are You) Ready Freddy?”

And you might also want to check out some “songs for ewe” from Kid’s associates:


BOB BERT – Song For Ewe