“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the drummer of the awesome three piece punk band from Washington DC – Ex Hex who released the perfectly formed explosion of a debut record “Rips” on Merge Records in 2014.

Ex Hex was originally the name of a record by Mary Timony (ex of Helium – a Matador band who were played just after VS was mentioned on air by John Peel) and turned into a fully fledged fabulous rawk band like “Cherry Bomb” on an Apple phone…I’m so pleased to welcome to VS, the most awesome Laura Harris!

It’s been a while since “Rips” and the World needs some more Ex Hex, so I was pleased to find Laura among mutual FB friends, and I had to ask what’s on the cards…

Laura filled me in:
I’ve been playing a bunch and working on some writing projects. Ex Hex is playing this summer so I’m excited to get back with those guys. Keep doing things I’ve never done before.

Cue self-conscious fist-bump!

But what has Laura chosen as her “song for ewe”…?

“Okay sorry it took me so long to write back – you know when anyone says “obscure” my mind goes in a million different directions. I’ve been listening to a comp that has the band the senators on it-who were one of John Bonham’s first bands as a teenager.

The song “She’s a Mod” is the most notable track. When I was looking them up, though I came across the song “Pat’s Delight” which is an alternate version of Moby Dick.

As a drummer I’ve always loved John Bonham, and these two songs together really showcase the change in his style over five years. Its a really great example of a group bringing out the best musically in one another. And his evolution of style is really inspiring.”


“I would add that for most of my youth I thought these guys (guys like Bonham) were born playing like that. The fact is, is that is that it’s the collaboration and shared vision that gets people outside of themselves to make something great.”

Cheers again Laura!

Check out all the Ex Hex news in the link below…