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Mambo Taxi photograph courtesy of Greg Neate / neatephotos.com

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest was songwriter, lead vocalist and bass player of the 90s riot grrrl era punk band Mambo Taxi who were active when I first started writing VS and were a key part of a scene centred around the London labels Clawfist, Too Pure and Wiiija Records. Welcome back to the reborn Velvet Sheep to Lenie Mets!

In the original Velvet Sheep fanzine (issue 15, circa 1993), Mambo Taxi replied to a posted request for fashion tips…

…and Lenie’s were as follows:

– white stockings
– spring onions
– long hair (for me)
– big collars
– suede trousers
– sport socks
– raincoats (plastic ones)
– see-through plastic skirts
– the handbag in “Bitter Moon”
– white lipstick
– charity shops
– thermal underwear
– A-shape things

her OUTS were:
– jeans
– denim jackets
– band t-shirts (especially at festivals)
– sport socks
– S*M*A*S*H dress sense on stage
– German punks

obviously, things could have changed for this Spring Summer 18 collection!

More importantly, what song is “in” for Lenie right now…?

“The obscure song for me is “Disintegrations Yesterday” by Anastasia Screamed from “Laughing down the Limehouse” – I love every track on that album but particularly that song because the lyrics of the last verse and chorus totally move me – and Chick’s voice and the sweeping movement of the whole thing is just to die for!!!”