Lupen Crook with a shot of his actual “song for ewe”

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a son of the Medway towns, a spiritual ancestor of Syd Barrett crossed with the original Chatham Jack Billy Childish. I first heard of him through the NME Cool List 2005 (I had left my hometown of Gravesend and had no reason to visit old Chatham/Rochester stamping grounds in the mid 90s otherwise I like to think I might have seen him at the Tap’N’Tin), and he doesn’t give a folk about your categorisation. He’s a restless artist, he was christened Matthew Pritchard, he did have a band called The Murderbirds and is currently in a synth and drums band called Sex Cells but you might know him as Lupen Crook!


I’ve sat on this for a little while, so apologies, but this is a good snapshot of Matt/Lupen Crook’s life and listening…so without further ado…

“Well, I’ve been digging around vinyl the last few days, more in pursuit of sound references, sonic collage type of thing, so this is good timing. I’ll admit in the past I’ve required ‘a song’ to be present, in the traditional sense, to really capture my attention, but of late I’ve been immersing myself, and throughly enjoying more seemingly structureless, environmental sounds.

The place I’m living, we call it ‘Nightmare Hall’, has probably had an influence. It’s a vacant office space in Whitechapel and I’ve been preparing to record here. Strange natural echoes and a 7am alarm, everyday, courtesy of demonic workmen outside the window. This area of London is like a broken machine, it never, ever stops. I’ve just finished a sound piece made entirely of applause for an exhibition at Arcola Theatre in Dalston too, it’s pretty relentless and I’ve no clue how it’ll go down.

Anyway, to the song. Well there’s Suicide, which I had the pleasure, if I can call it that, of witnessing live last year; Coil’s Scatology album whom a friend, the late great Matthew Stephens Scott, introduced me to years ago – but in keeping with the ‘what you listened to today’ rule, I’m gonna be honest and say Panorama from a Laibach record I picked up from Magick Discs in Rainham, Kent last Christmas Eve.

How’s this? Sorry if I jabbered a bit or went off point!?


CHEERS MATT, IT’S PERFECT… (and thanks for being the first artiste to take a pic with your actual “song for ewe”)