“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music related people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today on her birthday, it’s one half of the Boston garage duo well known for their ace reckids on Sympathy For The Record Industry,  Mr. Airplane Man who have just recorded their first full length album in 13 years, coming your way soon. They’ve also released a comp called “Bits & Pieces” on Girlsville which features the song “Over That Hill” that they recorded with Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound & Oblivians fame. Happy bday and welcome to VS, Margaret Garrett!


Margaret and Tara have been recording their new album at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, with Robin Girod producing, and Robin is involved in Margaret’s “song for ewe” choice, so without further ado…

“I haven’t fallen in love with a song or an artist in a really long time so it’s all the more meaningful the way I stumbled upon this artist and fell totally, deeply, under his spell. It’s a love that is so obsessive, my son will attest that it’s been pretty much on my record player since I got it two years ago. The artist is Alain Peters and the song is “Caloubadia”.

He is a remarkable musician who’s spellbinding record was released posthumously on Moi J’Connais records. I was in Switzerland with Mr. Airplane Man playing the Kilbi Festival when Robin Girod (of Moi J’Connais records) offered that we each pick out a few records from the catalogue to take home. Let me just say there were quite a few amazing records to choose from (including Human Expression!!). I had never heard of this artist named Alain Peters but the brightly colored photograph/illustration collage of this man really grabbed my attention.

There was something about him and the whole look of the cover the intrigued me. What was that strange looking instrument he was holding? What was up with the hippy headband and long hair? And the psychedelic swirls of color? This could be a really bad idea…. But I kept picking it up and looking at this Alain Peters.

I felt like I had to hear it and find out what he was about. There was some kind of mystery that I was picking up on. After I bought the record, Robin told me in his very poetic broken English the story of how he had fallen in love with the music of Alain Peters on a recording that was released after he had passed away.

Robin worked long and hard to reissue the recording on Moi J’Connais and he reassured me that I made a good choice in taking it home with me. It wasn’t for a few weeks after the tour ended and I made it back to my house that at long last I opened this surreal swirl of a record cover and put the needle down on what would instantly be one of the most haunting, mesmerizing sounds I have ever heard.

It was at once sad and beautfiful. I felt ghosts surround me in the room. Maybe was Alain himself I had conjured. It made me want to close my eyes and sway. The whole record was a trip into some very compelling landscape of sound coming from Reunion (the island where Alain Peters lived in the Indian Ocean). This music is a genre called Sega. You can’t sit down when you hear this music. It is sensual. It makes you want to dance and make love. It is like nothing else that I’ve heard. It blends African rhythms and Creole language. You should just listen to it and let it moved over you like the lips of a good lover. It is the definition of sensual.”


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And you can find Alain Peter’s record as well as the Mr. Airplane Man reissue by going to Moi J’Connais