“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is one of the busiest players in punk rock. When he’s not in his own band Des Demonas who put out a blistering self titled album on In The Red Records last year (and newly signed to a publishing deal on Sub Pop), he’s a guitarist for Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds and he’s also been cutting up a rug recently with Ian Svenonius’ Chain & The Gang (as well as his previous, snazzy outfit Make-Up on drums). That’s not to mention Deathfix, The Meditations and Benjy Ferree. He plays it all, he gives it his all. Somehow he’s found time between tuning up and drum fills to choose a top top tune, I’m glad to have him here, representing DC on the VS, it’s Mark Cisneros!

Here’s one he played on earlier:

As well as recently playing at the 25th anniversary of the legendary DC club Black Cat, with Ex Hex (featuring former “song for ewe” guest Laura Harris) and Hurry Up (featuring the ace VS pal Maggie Vail), I was also pleased to note Mark’s also got a gig coming up supported by Velvet Sheep fav Myra Power’s new band Thee Thee’s – so it’s great Mr. C is keeping it all in the family – the C is for connected.

Check out this fantastic Sniffin’ Glue style flyer.

With great friends and impeccable music taste, what did Mark choose as his “song for ewe”? (editor’s note, this is a couple of days on from Joseph Jarman’s bday soz).

“It’s Joseph Jarman’s birthday today and this is happens to be the song I’ve had in mind this whole time for my “song for ewe”. The great Art Ensemble Of Chicago’s “Theme De Yoyo” featuring the amazing Fontella Bass on vocal. You know her from her 1965 radio hit “Rescue Me”. “Theme De Yo-yo” was recorded when the Art Ensemble moved to Europe, specifically France, where they and so many other African-American artists could find a welcoming audience and a greater appreciation for their work. As opposed to not even being treated as humans in 1960s America, let alone artists.

This song captures them at their most playful and funky. It’s Free Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues all rolled into one. Art music of the highest order! Their proclamation: GREAT BLACK MUSIC: ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE!”


Here’s more info on Des Demonas