“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the singer/songwriter and guitarist of a fantastic Mersey band who I know you know. The Boo Radleys helped soundtrack the 90s and released a real timeless classic in the form of 1993’s “Giant Steps” (the second great album with that name!). “Wake Up!” was obviously also massive and a commercial success, but for me I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the song “Barney (…And Me)” since it was in John Peel’s Festive 50 in ’93 – a year which I taped and listened to so much I bust the tape. In fact The Boo Radleys often made it into the Festive 50, so it makes this week apt for a “song for ewe” by the brilliant Martin Carr!

First I must profusely apologise to Martin since I have sat on this for an age. Mostly because I’d been toying with how best to represent the brilliant e-mail chain that followed me asking him for his song choice. But I’ve decided to share it, since it’s so compelling and surprising.

Since I’d sent some examples of other song choices to give Martin a flavour of the feature, he was quite taken with the first ever “song for ewe” from Jeff Nelson from Minor Threat and Dischord Records.


My kids have gone crazy for that Leslie Gore record, the mum of one of my daughter, Sailor’s, friends rang me to ask what it was her son couldn’t stop singing and today her teacher asked if I could do her a copy because the whole class has started singing it.

I didn’t know anything about her, didn’t hear anything about her death in February but I’ve bought her last album (2005), it’s very grown up but the songs are great and her voice is beautiful, fragile and blue.

If you speak to Jeff Nelson again, please thank him for me.


Here is that “song for ewe”, as a reminder…


so, I felt compelled to let Jeff know, fascinated by this cross-ether exchange between two very different sonic worlds and adventurers…(and also since I needed to show Jeff what I’d posted. I also mentioned my drinking milk as a result of being into the “Flex Your Head” Dischord thing, despite the fact it really exacerbated my eczema)…here’s Jeff’s reply – with a whole batch of new songs!

Hello, Nick-

Thanks very much for sending along both the link to the “Song for Ewe” bit about me and the song “Maybe I Know”, with all the funny stuff about alcohol and milk.  That was a wonderful note that Martin Carr sent you.  That’s so cool, and so sweet, that his kids and their friends and classmates all ended up liking the song!  That made my day, thinking of those kids humming and singing that song.  If you have the time, please tell Martin I liked his story.  And maybe you can pass along suggestions of several other old songs which his kids may like (songs which, chances are, both of you are well aware of).  Who knows, maybe the kids won’t be remotely interested by any of them!  Here they are:

“The End of the World” by Skeeter Davis:

“I’ve Told Every Little Star” by Linda Scott 


“Sandman” by The Chordettes

“Tonight You Belong to Me” by Patience by Prudence

And finally, one that’s not quite as old, and which is sung in German, but which is totally catchy:

“Fred From Jupiter” by Andreas Dorau

Okay, thus ends my Intercontinental music sharing!  Have a nice weekend…..Jeff”

To which Martin replied:

“Thanks, Nick. He’s a gent.”

Who’d have thought I’d have helped facilitate a meeting of minds between one of Britain’s indie pop finest and a Washington DC hardcore drummer over the sharing of some timeless pop music. I was chuffed. I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about sharing this convo, but there’s something so sweet about it I had to.

And after many great “songs for ewe”, and without further ado, here’s Martin’s…hope you enjoy…

“The Empty Boat” – Caetano Veloso

I love the arrangement that frames the hypnotic acoustic figure and the way it intensifies and bursts out of its dreamlike lilt into the open air, capsizing, overturned..”