“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a man way ahead of his time. His casual scat rap style as singer of Soul Coughing came before Beck and most likely spawned G Love (special sauce and all). Jazzy, hip hop, punk spirited, one of the first ever things I did when joining MTV to help out on the Alternative Nation show was to film and edit a couple of tunes by Soul Coughing at a fantastic gig in ’96 at the Camden Ballroom.

Unfortunately I can’t find them on YouTube but “Screenwriter’s Blues” was defo one of the songs and we played the hell out of it. I was chuffed to find him on the pages of social meeja and given he had a few mutual friends pleased to reacquaint with a true original: Mike Doughty!

The above, obvs not the live clip, but a top tune from a great album “Ruby Vroom”. Doughty’s FB feed is as eclectic and socially keen and well observed as his lyrical flow, and I knew he’d go for a tune of equal quirk. I wasn’t disappointed, here ewe go…

“How about:

The real name of the Numbers Band is 15-60-75, but everybody calls them the Numbers Band. They were, and are, an Ohio post-punk/house/dance/trance, very dark, party band that’s been active since the early 1970s, i.e., before any of those things was a thing.

I heard this on WFMU and was utterly punched in the face by this recently-released live version of the old Cat Iron ballad. When I looked them up, in this century, their bio said they’re still trying to perfect their sound. Which is as we all should be.”