“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today it’s the bassist and vocalist from a Washington DC, Dischord records punk band Slant 6, whose 1994 debut record “Soda Pop * Rip Off” was stark but stylish. The cover photo was so distinctive that when I saw a young lady in my hometown of Gravesend that looked like she could be in Slant 6 I was desperate to start a band with her. No matter I can barely play drums let alone anything else, and that she wasn’t into punk. I am so chuffed therefore to find a bona fide member of the band themselves to choose a “song for ewe”. Much underrated, but to me beyond cool, it’s Myra Power!

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Slant 6 made two albums, and appeared on a fantastic split with Ian Svenonius’ MAKE-UP (“We’re Having A Baby/This Is….Young Vulgarians”. They also made a cameo in the slacker cult movie “Half Cocked” as well as support Fugazi and come to the UK on a tour. Sadly I missed them then, but I made up for it with the repeat plays of The Wipers meets The Raincoats, Wire and The Runaways album “Soda Pop…”

Pleased to find Myra among some mutual social meeja friends, I asked her what she was up to lately…

“For the past few years I have lived in Ohio. I always seem to find my way back here to the heart of America.

I’m currently playing by myself trying to figure out writing songs again and searching for a few golden people to start me back on my journey.
I feel really inspired!”

Here’s one of the Slant 6 classics from “Soda Pop..” (Myra is in the middle)

Slant 6 still feels ultra urgent and ultra relevant 22 years on, but what music keeps Myra stirred. Without further ado, it’s time for her “song for ewe” (and it’s one my mate, plugger and writer of “Lee, Myself & I” Wyndham Wallace would approve of)….over to Myra…

I choose Lee Hazelwood’s Summer Wine because of it’s dreamy sweetness. This song makes me feel like a real woman haha.!

“Take off those silver spurs and help me pass the time…”

I am always lost in this song. The strings, horns, and desert ghostliness I just love.”