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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is an energetic singer songwriter synergetic with summer. He’s also a long term activist in a time where it’s needed more than ever. His long-standing band Dodgy with its sun kissed, blissed out Byrdsian vibes soundtracked many a long hot day for me in the 90s both when I wrote the original fanzine and also when I went onto work for MTV (’96-’06) where the videos would be on heavy rotation, and sometimes I’d have had a hand in it via Alternative Nation and later MTV2.

Dodgy have re-recorded ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ at Sawmills Studio and have given it to Musicians Against Homelessness with all proceeds going to Crisis, the national charity for the homeless and they’re also now celebrating 25 years of their indie pop classic “Homegrown” and playing it in its entirety (plus other hits, which are bountiful), later on this year, and since we had drummer Math Priest on here more than a while back, it’s only right that we should welcome to these pages, the unmistakeable Nigel Clark!

Here’s a video for the 2019 version of “Staying Out For The Summer”…(please buy the tune for Crisis via Musicians Against Homelessness).

When he was on these pages Math chose a song by Nic Jones that was the first time anyone here had chosen the exact same “song for ewe”. Nigel hasn’t recreated the trick but he has gone for John Cale. I’ve never said this before but perhaps surprisingly solo John Cale is the most requested artist in the “song for ewe” series – having been picked seven times, including by Pete Hammond of the Au Pairs, Eric Erlandson of Hole, Jon Langford of the Mekons and James Johnston of Gallon Drunk. Never the same song though…so without further ado, it’s over to Nigel for his “song for ewe”…

“The song that stopped me in my tracks, that made my antennae twitch is: “You know more than I know” by John Cale.

I knew of John Cale through my deep appreciation of the Velvet Underground he was kind of over shadowed by Lou Reed and I suppose I accepted the view that he was an avant garde artist more known for his production? How wrong was I?

This song was released to the world in late ’74 on the album Fear. As soon as I sat and listened to the album I knew it would stay with me forever.

This was the first song I kept going back to. The slow chords ring out on the guitar at the beginning melancholic and wise, it doesn’t try to be anything else it’s quite comfortable being what it is. It’s quite reminiscent of his songs in the VU. It’s definitely an ear worm, I find myself singing it all day without having to listen to it.

The whole album is great. Great production, writing and musicianship.
Here’s the link:


Catch Dodgy playing their Homegrown 25 gigs in November, check out the deets on the band’s website below…and buy a please buy a re-recorded copy of “Staying Out For The Summer” for Crisis while you’re there.


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