“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a bad dude, but not of the kind Trump would like to stack up GitMo Bay with, more in the moose fornicating “The Dirt” meets peanut butter and glass on James Osterberg’s body. He’s a frontman who puts his arse on the line and his name up the front – literally his band OBN III’s is named after his own initials. Their recording on the ace Castle Face records Live In San Francisco series is peerless, especially his take no prisoners put downs of the locals – i’ve not heard such self assured, curled lip barbs since “Metallic KO” especially when he’s talking to a poseur in a white v-neck. Album “Third Time To Harm” is punk rock meets glam, and the most arresting record i’d heard since the Lee Harvey Oswald Band album on Quarterstick and last year he put out a great 7″ on Gerard Cosloy (Matador)’s 12XU label. I’m hoping for more in 2017, in between him engineering others and DJ-ing storming garage rock sets. And he’s got an excuse today because it’s his birthday! Happy birthday, Orville Neeley!


Orville recently popped up as a song choice from VS’ good buddy (from my hometown of Gravesend) Charlie Wyatt of Thee MVPs….


and since I was already a fan, I tried to find Mr. OBN III’s to feature on the fanzine in a neat quid pro quo. I hit paydirt (it’s not often i thank gawd for social meeja, but it has its uses) –


so here’s Orville with his “song for ewe” and the man’s got great taste (no surprise)…

“Perhaps they went to art school. Probably did. Anyway, this is one of the coolest sounding recordings I’ve ever heard, especially the drums on Horizontal Hold, the first track. This Heat have a version on their self titled album but the Peel Session version is the BEST. This version has stuck with me for about ten years. Used to try to play the drums along to it but could never get the feeling right. Wanted to do a band like this since hearing it. Great thanks to my friend Shane English for introducing me. He’s been obsessed with obscure music since I met him, and continues on in his own right.”

Here’s a link for Shane’s new record:


Here’s one for the latest Bad Sports record:


Here’s on for the latest OBNIII’s release from back in May:


Cheers Orville, hope you have a good one today, and a white hot 2017 mate, Nick