“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a guitarist, vocalist, iconoclast who was in San Francisco proto riot grrrl punk band Frightwig when they reformed for the first time in 2013, joining the founder member Deanna Ashley and with the new line up she recorded the totally cranked and cranky album “Hit Return”. When I got in touch she was very cool and gave me a whole plethora of pics with a side note that made me chuckle “I like clothes”. Although she provided an explanation, she needs no further introduction, welcome to VS the totally ace Rebecca Sevrin!

I asked Rebecca what she’s been up to lately, and it turns out it hasn’t been easy:

“I am recovering from a 2 year string of bad luck, I was not well, closed my business, lost my sister, lost Cecilia (Kuhn) who was my friend/ bandmate and now I am in the process of getting divorced.

The good news is my old hardcore band No Policy is going to reunite and play a big event after 30+ years. I can still play guitar and kept my brain-cells intact. At this point I can’t say what movie I am channeling New York Doll with killer Kane or Sunset Blvd, ready for my close up.”

Either way, we’re ready for the lights, camera, action, but before that show, here’s a whole other killer show – and it’s Rebecca’s “song for ewe” (for once a song I actually own on a 7″ complete with colour-in fanzine no less)…

“Animal Party King Khan and BBQ show .

Seemed out of place between Discharge and GBH and even more punk rock with the animal noises. Great hook must play again.

I am low fi I like music raw and angry with some humor.”