“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest has been a member of the originally Leeds based art punk collective The Mekons since the mid 80s. I first got into them circa them moving to the US and releasing “I (Heart) Mekons” on the Touch & Go label offshot Quarterstick, they are a band made for fanzine idolatry, with almost as many line-ups as The Fall and a plethora of releases right up to the present day on a whole gaggle of labels.

She’s been an integral part of the operation for so long the only way she’ll not be a Mekon any more is when the world ends (hopefully not for ages). She’s also been releasing solo albums since the age of 19, back then with Pete Shelley of Buzzcocks. She wrote the amazing song “Horses” with Will Oldham for Bonnie Prince Billy. She’s been married to Fred Armisen, she’s been the voice of a Toonami cartoon and she’s also performed with the likes of Marc Almond, Andre Williams and The Sadies. Sometimes calling herself Cowboy Sally, today we’re chuffed to welcome to VS – Sally Timms!

Here’s Sally on my fav Mekons record in 1993…

and here’s Sally in action more recently with Marc Almond…

But what is Sally’s beguiling song choice for Velvet Sheep…

“Hi Nick, after much searching on the inter webs i finally found a working link to the track I love…it’s not easy to find

Here you go and it’s a song about sheep!!

Nadka Karadjova – A Little Lambkin has Commenced Bleating

The greatest of all the Bulgarian vocalists by far, a benign, rosy-cheeked hausfrau who could strip the paint of walls with her exceptional, piercing voice. Like Aretha Franklin, her vocals crackle with a wild excitement that belies the total control and precision of her singing.”

if, this is geo-locked for some reason…here’s some more Bulgarian folk by Nadka Karadjova…

thanks to Sally and to Claudio Mauro for the main photo