“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is a fist bopping, doo-wopping punk from Oakland, CA who plays with in yer face bubblegum garage noiseniks Hunx & His Punx and fronts her own almost eponymous and certainly fabulous Shannon & The Clams. She kicks up a storm live, she’s a force for good, and with impeccable taste for a tune and some slick style, it’s the timeless and boundless Shannon Shaw!

Part Etta James, part James Chance. Part Mamma Cass, part C86 Cassette full of riot grrrl tunes, there’s no one quite like Shannon and that makes her punker than most things out there at the mo. I was first directed to Hunx & His Punx by my old mucker Luke Reilly of PNKSLM, The Lusts & Sex Beet, and since Shannon joined they’ve gone from strength to super tensile strength. Shannon & The Clams her own going concern, is 50s retro meets 90s rrrevolution meets Right Now! agit, and it’s totes legit. And it and she don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes it better still. Power, with sass – a lethal combo.


She should have been the lead in a John Hughes movie and this is the closest she’s got (it’s great)

But, what pray tell is Shannon’s “song for ewe”? Without further ado, it’s over to the woman herself…

“I Can’t Say Goodbye to You by the Everly Brothers

This popped on while I was repotting some plants for my room. It’s oddly short and fades out at an awkward time and every time it was over I felt like I didn’t have enough of a chance to get it all in. I ended up repeating the song over and over again for hours today.

I repotted 3 plants, swept broken glass, washed dishes, scrubbed out mouldy black beans from a forgotten pot and made miso glazed carrots all to this one song. At some point I cried.

It’s really really sad and pathetic and I have been there. It almost seems unfinished, or not fully realised. It’s also mixed so super weird. The hi hat is so loud, like next to my ear and you can hear mistakes the keys made as well as the sound of the finger actually physically tapping the key, not to mention the guitar comes and goes, almost trades spots with the it. I love it so much, it’s bizarre and so up my alley.”


Shannon is surprisingly not the first artiste to choose The Everly Brothers…check out this selection from Delia Sparrow of UK riot grrrls and old VS supporters Mambo Taxi…



Get your clam shells round these tunes from Shannon & The Clams…