“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is a London based, German born songwriter who had an epiphany that “introverts could and should front their own shows” and not simply be the “chorus girl” to other people’s dreams. Hence her band Chorusgirl was born, a band that combine the ethereal wisp of the Cocteau Twins with the wasp sting of the Dum Dum Girls. With their eponymous debut released on Fortuna POP! in 2015, they’ve got a new second album called “Shimmer and Spin” out on 16 November via Reckless Yes and it sounds blissfully satisfying, as if gazing shoe-wards with a thousand yard stare from doleful eyes. Welcome to VS, Silvi Wersing!

Like the quieter, whispery moments from The Breeders combined with the dark garage simplicity of the Raveonettes and the melodic waves of Belly, “Shimmer and Spin” is an album fuelled by anxiety, littered with hope, encapsulated by this single “In Dreams”…

But what is Silvi’s dream song right now…without further ado, this is Silvi’s “song for ewe”…

“The Splits — Don’t Fear
Love this song and not even sure how I came across it. It’s not an old song, but from a few years back. I think the band has called it quits a couple of years back. The song has a killer bass line, and an excellent chilling guitar noise to start the song. And I love the hoarse exasperated vocals. All the elements combine to make a restless, urgent song.

I love using the guitar for noises like that; did so on our debut album and want to do more of that again. We’ve written a few songs starting with the bass line. A nice bassline drives a whole song forward and keeps pushing it. In a lot of our songs the bassline connects to the vocals; I used to be a bassist for many years before we started this band. That’s why I’m so fond of it. Everyone always pays so much attention to the vocals or guitars, the bass is often too underappreciated.”


UK Tour Dates:
9th Nov: London, The Victoria
16th Nov: Nottingham, Rough Trade
17th Nov: Sheffield, Audacious Art Experiment
18th Nov: Newcastle, Head of Steam
19th Nov: Glasgow, Broadcast
21st Nov: Oxford, Common Ground
22nd Nov: Bristol, Hydra Cafe
23rd Nov: Coventry, The Tin

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