“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today continuing our April Fall month, although you should be aware that The Fall are not just for a month, they’re forever, and possibly the only band you’ll ever need, it’s a man who goes by the nicknames of “Dingo” or “Ding”. He plays bass, keyboards, banjo but is also nifty as an engineer/producer.

He joined The Fall in 2003, replacing Jim Watts on bass and playing on “Green Eyed Loco Man”, “The Theme From Sparta FC#2”, “Mad Mock Goth” and “Portugal” on  “The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country on the Click)”. He left briefly to join PJ Harvey’s band and returned to the fold for 2005’s “The Fall Heads Roll”, playing, producing and as sound man on tour. Also involved in the engineering on “Imperial Wax Solvent”, he’s jumped in live loads, and has intermittently been involved studio-side in a lot of the band’s recent output including “Your Future, Our Clutter”, “Ersatz GB” and working with Grant Showbiz on 2013’a “Re-Mit” and last year’s brilliant “Sub-Lingual Tablet” where he also added his voice to the vinyl version of “Dedication Not Medication”. It’s one-time PJ, one time Pixie (bass on “Indie Cindy”), forever Fall, Mr. Simon “Ding” Archer…


I asked Simon what he’s been up to lately…so without me blathering on stuff you could read on Wiki, or probably know already,  here’s what he says:

“Recently, as in since December, I’ve been working on my biggest ever project. Me and a couple of pals have taken a 20 year lease out on a building in Salford and have just finished converting it into 3 recording studios. It’s a massive step up from my previous location and has been a great challenge that I’m just beginning to reap the rewards of.
Currently in the studio I’m working on mixes for The March Violets …… a fantastic re-record of their first album, ‘Natural History’ and also on some dub re-mixes for a forthcoming album by Neville Staple – I’m working on the dub stuff with uber-maverick producer, Mike Bennett. He and I have teamed up recently and are working with a few bands as a kind of double-bill of producers, with Mike having record label and distribution contacts as well – it’s exciting times.”
“Musically, my band , As Able As Kane,  have just finished recording a new album, but we’re sitting on it for a little while, until all 5 of us have some free time simultaneously.
I’m still playing bass with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, who also have an album ready and we’ve just played our first show this year – my birthday party . I’ve also recently started a new musical project called Stemz with Mike Bennett , Simon Wolstencroft on drums, Tamsin A [Mr Heart] on vocals, me on bass and various other guest performers.”
Here’s one of my favourite recordings by The Fall ever, and which features Simon, the score of “Final Score” but more importantly, number 1 in the John Peel Festive 50, 2004…

and here as a gun for hire, he plays as a bassist for Pixies on their not half-bad “Indie Cindy”. Not so much no Kim Deal as the next big Ding…

But what is Simon’s “song for ewe”, without further ado it’s over to Ding:

“My song for ewe right now would be “Alien” by 1919.

I got into this Bradford-based band in the early 80’s through repeated plays on the John Peel Show and I’ve had it on repeat for the last few weeks now, after catching them live in Manchester back in February for the first time in 30 odd years.

Being the cheeky sod that I am, after the show, I asked them if they would be up for performing at my then forthcoming birthday bash the following month and very,very kindly they agreed, going on to dedicate this song to me during another blistering show. They’re recently resurrected and I highly recommend catching them.”