Night Flowers photograph by Josh Moore

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the exotic American singer of an enchanting band from Hull now ensconced in London, called Night Flowers. Sounding like the very best bands the 4AD label has offered, she adds her beguiling voice to the swirling underbelly of rippling guitars and shimmery percussion and you just want to soak it all in, like a spring bulb in photosynthesis. Or some such flowery description. Ahead of a debut album called “The Wild Notion”, VS is pleased to introduce to you Sophia Pettit!

Here’s “Cruel Wind” from the album, a video made by James Doherty and Laura Whittell, which features some serious NASA like flights of fancy.

Night Flowers are Sophia, Chris Hardy (gtr/vox), Sam Lenthall (bs), (the magically named) Zebedee Budworth (drums) and Greg Ullyart (vox/gtr) and they’ve been busy honing their craft on stages across the UK, Germany and a self-confessed “life-changing” tour of Japan (pray tell more) plus key supports for indie kindred spirits Japanese Breakfast and the excellent Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Album “The Wild Notion” was recorded by Adam Jaffrey as a beautiful swansong at the now sadly defunct Unwound studio in Hackney (not to be confused with our friends Unwound from Olympia, WA) and it’s out on 13th April on Dirty Bingo Records. Here’s the teeteringly intriguing album artwork…

But enough of all the stats, without further ado, it’s over to Night Flowers’ Sophia for her appropriately green fingered “song for ewe”…

“Mort Garson – Plantasia – Symphony for a Spider Plant

I have about twenty spider plants that are all siblings from one queen mother, which originally lived at my parents house. The plant itself has been in our family for the entire time we’ve been in England, which is about 17 years.

One afternoon ‘Symphony for a Spider Plant’ popped up on my youtube sidebar, and as usual I have no idea where I was headed or where I’d come from to arrive there, but I was hooked. Billed as ‘Warm earth music for plants and people that love them’ Mort Garson’s Plantasia speaks to my adult responsibilities and also to my childish nature. Its 70s space age innocence makes me feel like some kind of a cartoon plant going about my day. With its childrens’ book cover art, I’m thrust into a world where my plants start walking around while I’m out of the house. Swapping places, putting on records and playing cards.

In reality it’s also just a really funny album to spend an hour watering all the darn things to.”



Catch Night Flowers Live:
Friday 27th April – The Lexington, London *ALBUM RELEASE SHOW*

Preorder the musical stuff here:
Cruel Wind Single – hyperurl.co/cruelwind
Wild Notion Pre-order – hyperurl.co/wildnotion