The Melvins are legendary. Without them the Seattle Grunge scene might not have evolved and to this day they’re still recording exciting and relevant new music. It’s no secret that here at Velvet Sheep Towers (read Squat) we LOVE their latest release ‘The Bulls and The Bees/Electroretard’, so you can image how thrilled we were when drummer Dale Crover indulged us with his ‘Song for Ewe’.

Song for Ewe is a feature we reserve for either beloved or legendary artists and the Melvins qualify on both fronts, and boy what an unexpected choice! Over to you Dale…

Robert Palmer – ‘Get Outside’
“I was on my way to band practice when this came on the radio. I didn’t know who it was at first. It was soulful and funky. Immediately I thought of our current touring bass player, Jeff Pinkus. The vocals reminded me of him. Tuns out the song was by one Robert Palmer. Robert Palmer? The Addicted To Love, stupid 80’s MTV video Robert Palmer??? Yep, that’s the one! On his first record, ‘Sneaking Sally Through The Alley’, he enlisted New Orleans band The Meters and Lowell George from Little Feat to back him up. Bernard Purdie is the drummer, adding his signature ghost note grooves. I played this for Pinkus and didn’t tell him who it was. He was guessing Steve Marriott at first and was just as surprised as me when I told him who it was. He liked it so much that he bought the whole record immediately. I expect a cover of this song from him in the near future!”

The Melvins’ Dale Crover – Song For Ewe.