“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is one third of the pummel-some, greyhound loving LA punk rock band Flat Worms, who as my current FB pic that features me wearing their Tee attests I bloody love. He’s also the bass powerhouse with Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees having played with them since my fav Oh Sees record “Mutilator Defeated At Last” (and subsequently on the top notch run that takes in “A Weird Exits”/”An Odd Entrances”, “Orc” and “Smote Reverser” amongst others).

He was in Sic Alps with Mike Donovan (now of Peacers) and also plays with Ty Segall (including on the 2010 album “Melted”) with Ty producing the debut Flat Worms full-length, one of the best albums of 2017 and one of my favourite debuts for some time. I saw him shredding recently with both Flat Worms and Oh Sees at the Kentish Town Forum (where I bought said t-shirt) and given the intensity of both performances in close proximity this was some impressive stunt of sweat drenched stamina. In short, he’s one busy guy, and a patient one too given my persistence, so I’m pleased he got time to choose a song and big up a mate at the same time. Welcome to Velvet Sheep, Tim Hellman!

Here’s the most recent Flat Worms single release (tail end of last year) – it’s “The Apparition” from the “The Apparition/Melt The Arms” 7″ on Famous Class…

I asked Tim what his latest plans were:

“Yeah – new Flat Worms ep comes out in early Feb on God? Records. Oh Sees are heading to Australia in Feb.”

Here’s the art work to the new Flat Worms “Into The Iris”…(i’ve pre-ordered mine from Rough Trade already)

Here’s the latest Oh Sees 12″ “Clearly Invisible” out on John Dwyer’s Castle Face Records….

But what did Tim choose as his “song for ewe”? Without further ado…

“Dimples is the project of my good friend Kevin Parme. This track was from a record that sadly never saw the light of day as a physical release. As the video kinda suggests, this song is more or less Kevin’s version of “Life Is A Highway”.

Perhaps in a different world this song would have been a hit featured in countless truck commercials, bringing Kevin thousands in both fans and royalties. It features one of my favorite lines – “I turned the radio on/there was a rock‘n roll song/a rock’n roll song about loving rock’n roll.” I guess that’s really all you need sometimes.”

More about “Into The Iris” here…

and avail to pre-order at store like Rough Trade


You can check out the Lucky 7 tunes chosen by Warm Drag the band featuring Tim’s Oh Sees colleague Paul Quattrone below…

WARM DRAG – Lucky 7

and here’s former Sic Alps band mate Mike Donovan’s “song for ewe” too…