with TvB

TvB photo by Flavie Durou

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest was the distinctively voiced singer / songwriter of cult 90s LA/Hawaii outfit Chokebore. I first became enamoured with the sweet, high register mixed with the high velocity noise of Chokebore from their song “Coat” on a 1993 Sampler by Amphetamine Reptile Records which I’ve written about many times on this site (let’s just say that that reasonably priced CD and the American high-school sitcom “Saved By The Bell” really made an impression on me in the hot summer of ’93). I was sent their ace record “Anything By Water” (also on AmRep) to review for the original Velvet Sheep paper/word processor/copier zine and I also had a soft spot for the hard rage of their tune “Narrow” on the outstanding Jabberjaw compilation on Mammoth Records. Chokebore also famously played 10 international shows supporting Nirvana on their last ever tour. I was pleased to find this fella after I’d recently featured Kevin Rutmanis of former labelmates Cows on the site. He was previously known as Troy Von Balthazar but nowadays he goes by the name TvB (like close friends got to call Top Cat “TC”) and this also Hawaii born, skateboarding, California/Berlin dual dwelling, en danseuse bike riding dude, hasn’t left the musical saddle. He’s recorded a 4th studio solo album called “Knights of Something” and he’s also been scoring films and writing books, that are all very much in the unmistakeable TvB style – all blood curdling atmos and cerebral cleverness. He’s also rocked up back here at Velvet Sheep fanzine, with a very entertaining and erudite “song for ewe”. Welcome to VS, TvB!

First, as an aperitif, it’s a 1996 vintage Chokeborn choon “A Taste For Bitters”

And bringing us more up to date, here’s one called “Lemon Seed” from TvB’s latest “Knights of Something” record (2016)

And without further ado, it’s over to TvB for his “song for ewe”…

“I’ve been watching this video on youtube a lot lately, It’s Stevie Nicks singing over an early demo of one of her songs backstage while she gets her make up put on. Her singing seems so effortless, and powerful. I want to be her boyfriend forever and ever. We would live in a castle made out of cake and icing and ride horses made from chocolate chips while we did piles of coke together and made love.

On her birthday I would buy her a microphone with a cable that attached directly into each of my ears so when she sang I could hear her voice bouncing around like an airplane landing in my head. We would walk down the street like that holding hands. And even though the drugs would have damaged me beyond recognition I would smile knowing I could hear her voice forever singing in my ears, and in my heart. My deranged, rotting, gooey, and yes, wild.. heart.”


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