Velvet Volume photos by Daniel Aude

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. It would have been rude not to have invited today’s guests to the zine given that their name is Velvet Volume! They are a punk trio of Danish siblings called Noa (guitar) and Naomi (bass) who are twins plus sister Nataja (drums) whose raucous debut album “Look Look Look!” (originally released in 2017) is being given an international release by Nettwerk. You have to admire their chutzpah given that starting out in 2013 they just felt like they should be a band and began writing to every Danish festival going to see if they’d put them on the bill without even having any proper songs or even having ever played live.

They hit paydirt when the delightfully monikered Grimfest in Aarhus took a chance, and when they began to gather a crowd who totally got them, the first volume of Velvet Volume had been filed. Since then they’ve been racking up the gigs, picking up plaudits in Denmark and playing internationally at the likes of Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, London Calling and Paaspop, and with a bag of big blustery tunes now tightly rehearsed and ready to let rip further afield, I’m pleased that the three N’s have dropped by to mutually choose a big tuuuune. Welcome to Velvet Sheep, Velvet Volume….!

Check out “Pretty In Black” like Daisy Chainsaw “Love Your Money” meets Hole “Doll Parts” via Skinny Girl Diet and “Midsommar”…

Velvet Volume describe “Pretty In Black” thus: “The song is about a young woman who for the first time experiences a power as a beautiful woman in a male-dominated world,” the band explained on the song’s themes. “She challenges and investigates, both to survive but also because of curiosity. power-hunger and addiction. A woman that some would call a witch…”

Given this enlightenment, it’s perhaps not surprising to find they’ve picked a similarly powerful and challenging singer…without further ado, it’s over to Velvet Volume for their “song for ewe”…

“Grace Jones ‘Crack Attack’
So Grace is one of the most important artists in our lives, and has been an inspiration since we first saw her on VH1 performing ‘walking in the rain’. She has this insane energy, very sexual, androgynous, and is just out of this world!

Okay, so two years ago when we were touring, we started listening to the song ‘Crack Attack’, and not any of us actually knew this song?

And we were truly stunned, cause the lyric is like this anti-drug preach and sounds like she got payed to do it, but I mean Grace is like a religious god, so it’s kinda cool anyway haha. It was our warm up song for years”


Here’s another florid and ferocious chapter of the Velvet Volume…

You can get the album “Look Look Look!” on the link below:

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