Picture of Warren Mansfield by Zsa Zsa Sapien

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is the de facto leader of the most joyfully chaotic band since The Cravats, the most lyrically vital since the Sleaford Mods (granted that wasn’t long ago), the most brain-scratchingly cerebral since PiL, the most spit-catchingly confrontational since Fear in the “Decline of Western Civilisation” and according to The Fat White Family, the “greatest band in the country now bar none”. Plus they’ve got a stonking (and potentially stinking) name in Meatraffle! Formed in 2015 in the Brixton area, cutting their teeth at the Windmill and part of a scene around Trashmouth Records, Meatraffle recorded a debut album “Hifi Classics” which won the hearts and minds of such luminaries as my colleagues at the Quietus and Marc Riley at BBC 6Music and buoyed by the experience their urgency is such that they’ve decided to miss out the notoriously difficult second (or sophomore if you’re working for KROQ) album cliche by jumping to the third, due imminently-ish (it may or may not be called “Bastard Music”). A bit like Davina jumps forwards a year in ITV happy tears primetime format, “This Time Next Year”, Meatraffle are missing out all the boring process bit, and just hitting you with the punchline. And the brawler in chief is here, on Velvet Sheep fanzine huzzah! Welcome to VS, Warren Mansfield!

Check out Meatraffle in session for Marc Riley 6Music earlier this week (their second Maida Vale sesh) starting at 45′ in or so…

I asked Warren what the band are up to right now, to which he answered succinctly:

“We play The Borderline 10th Feb”

Here’s a song they may well play that night: Meatraffle – Ndrangheta Allotment

And without further ado, it’s over to Warren for his “song for ewe”…

“Death Mask” by Symmetry.

Symmetry are Nat Walker and Jonny Jewel from the Italians Do It Better label , I love this label.

The beginning of this song is a spangly piece that sounds like a notification on one of those awful android telephones, I was obsessed by this track for one year non stop, well anyway, I used to play it on a packed train commute every morning through a secret speaker under my sleeve , it’s sounds like steel wheels rolling on sexy train track when you are tripping off your nuts!

It used to drive people crazy. It was my way of getting revenge for people who drink coffee ‘on the go’ and their stinky stale coffee breath . I hate people who drink coffee.”

You can buy tickets here for the gig at the London Borderline on 10 February


You can buy the album “Hifi Classics” here (AND MOST LIKELY THE NEW ONE IN SPRING)

Thanks so much to Warren, much appreciated mate