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NIGHTINGALES “THE TOP SHELF” – V.S. Song of the Year 2020 & new “song for ewe”

“I had just seen that The Wolfhounds had a new record out so thought I’d put my walk to good use and listen to their new record! I really did smile the whole walk, it was and is a brilliant record. Sounds totally different to what I’ve heard of them before.. one track actually remind me of early ‘Gales with a Lloyd twang in his voice…”

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“The Avengers had just played with the Sex Pistols at their last gig at Winterland in SF so Steve Jones stayed behind and produced some Avengers songs for an EP in early 1978. He also played this song in his band,The Professionals, under the title “1,2,3”. Both versions of the tune are great but it should have been a hit for The Avengers – inspiring stuff!”

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