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“Because of these strange days of isolation, it has been impossible for me to visit my family, something that I had scheduled to do just before Lockdown. The longer I am held back, the more I am spiritually drawn back, with my desires to connect to the land growing deeper and deeper…This magical piece takes my heart to the homeland. The composition is built around field recordings of birdsongs, and he experiments with the intonation and tuning of his instruments to reflect the myriad of tunings that each birdsong has.”

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ST. SOUTH – Song For Ewe

“In early Feb my best friend Hannah dropped me the Spotify link with a message that read, “this song is so beautiful, I want to cry my fkn eyes out”. I put my headphones on and must have listened at least 5 or 6 times, tears welling through each play.”

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“I came across Secos & Molhados through a video on Facebook. A lot of people were making fun of it and saying how ridiculous it was and how stupid they must have been for doing such a thing on television. I think the song is beautiful and I love the vocal melodies.”

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TERRY – Lucky 7

“Helen from Metropak runs a B’N’B in Berwick Upon Tweed, We stayed their in 2016 and she whipped us up a great breakfast, Hel mentioned that she used to be in a band. A year later I had found their singles only to have them stolen out of our van in Antwerp.”

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GOLD CLASS – Lucky 7

“I love how alien everything sounds in this track, some kind of Close Encounters transmission. I really loved the Carter Tutti Void records but it’d be exciting to hear a whole new album of this kinda stuff. I’m sure they’re entirely interested in my opinion of their career path.”

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“I wrote this song about the feeling of inadequacy that comes from comparing yourself to others, and the urge to bring those people down with you. Not really a nice thing to write a song about I guess. Its on our new album, out on Chapter Music!”

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