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BAND OF HOLY JOY gig news (& song) for ewe

“I love it’s sheer simplicity, it’s post Dylan and Velvet’s sensibility, it’s pre-shoegaze sensitivities, it’s beautiful use of the world of glitch undermining the sentimental nostalgia of its video and the killer two lines of the chorus, ‘I don’t want to know your friend’s, I just wanna be your Tugboat Captain baby’.”

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ULTRAFLEX – Song For Ewe

“Really interesting style, ahead of her time: the DIY DV camera looks, the fashion choices, the cheezy synth sounds. She was mocked by the Icelandic community, so we want to stress that we’re not choosing this song ironically, we think it rocks!”

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This Friday, 8 May at 10pm (tomorrow in fact), on his regular BAD PUNK show on Resonance 104.4FM, old friend and bon flaneur of Velvet Sheep fanzine, the deeply insightful and woundingly poetic Johny Brown (of legendary Band of Holy Joy) has a very special edition. This one features a brand new radio drama that Johny’s penned and it’s called “The Hours”. Including a soundscape by his BOHJ and life partner Inga Tillere, engineered by Lee Stapleford and read by Tam Dean Burn and James Stephen Finn it’s not to be missed. 

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BAND OF HOLY JOY “Neon Primitives” Review

“To find yourself again and find yourself in others, indeed that beautiful blessed moment of realising you’re surrounded absolutely by the crucially wrong sort of people, and everything good that matters is here, and anything bad that matters is over there and nothing really matters at all anyway, but to be here, in the present moment, with this love, in this light, at peace, with another dance and another chance, is everything that is essential right now, no matter how late it all is, no matter how late…no matter how late at all”

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JOHNY BROWN of BAND OF HOLY JOY – A Midwinter Lucky 7

“I’ve got the north in mind, frozen or otherwise. A sonic ley line of frustrated male energy burning bad through the rusting cultural pylons stretching across the Northern landscape to light up the gloomy winter season and block out the commercial xmas HD overdrive, these seven beauties will hopefully see me through the dark weathered days and bright plastic nights.”

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