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“I liked a lot of the male post punk bands, but for me the Raincoats were a different thing altogether, a much subtler musical revolution. The first LP was great, but this is magical, I got it on cassette and, right from the cover onwards, it took me to another world, and perhaps taught me that you don’t always have to shout to be heard.”

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BAND OF HOLY JOY “Neon Primitives” Review

“To find yourself again and find yourself in others, indeed that beautiful blessed moment of realising you’re surrounded absolutely by the crucially wrong sort of people, and everything good that matters is here, and anything bad that matters is over there and nothing really matters at all anyway, but to be here, in the present moment, with this love, in this light, at peace, with another dance and another chance, is everything that is essential right now, no matter how late it all is, no matter how late…no matter how late at all”

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JOHNY BROWN of BAND OF HOLY JOY – A Midwinter Lucky 7

“I’ve got the north in mind, frozen or otherwise. A sonic ley line of frustrated male energy burning bad through the rusting cultural pylons stretching across the Northern landscape to light up the gloomy winter season and block out the commercial xmas HD overdrive, these seven beauties will hopefully see me through the dark weathered days and bright plastic nights.”

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“Trying to pick one ABBA song was torture, I could easily have picked six and that’d’ve still been a massive challenge, as ABBA were my first musical love and will be my last. Every record I’ve made reflects the particular way in which I’ve failed to sound like them, although I like to think that I got a little nearer this time.”

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“This was one of those songs that beguiled me instantly. I was chatting to a friend and the telly was on in the background, than I heard that voice! This song was one I couldn’t listen to without tears for a while, so I didn’t actively seek it out. Such a rare and wondrous thing!”

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