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MJ GUIDER – Song For Ewe

“This track by Bovel (or Bô’vel, depending on where you look) is one of those songs that I think deserves the designation of “ultimate jam,” or something equally hyperbolic. It came on a while back when I was following a breadcrumb trail from Off Peak’s amazing “Baby It’s You,” and I had to stop what I was doing to see what it was. I’ve since listened to it dozens of times and have done plenty of scouring for more songs like it. It was apparently popular on Manchester pirate radio, so I went down that rabbit hole.”

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CAROLINE – Song For Ewe

“Our friend Rose showed us ‘Sid & Joan’ last summer and we got obsessed with this album, particularly this song. The whole album, ‘The Colossus’, is all just vocals, drums and what sounds like accordion. Its all at the perfect speed and the melodies are beautiful.’”

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