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GANSER – Lucky 7

“This one started out as a Voice Memo of a beat played on drum practice pads, and went from demo to being played live in about a month. Some scratch vocal sound effects from the original iPhone idea made it to the final recording, if you’re up for an easter egg hunt.”

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JASON BALLA of DEHD – Song For Ewe

“I haven’t been able to stop listening to Physical Medium’s Serotonin 1. It’s an hour long mix that really covers a lot of ground musically, but is unified by a syrup-slow drip that is both heavy and hypnotic. One of the shining moments comes about half way through in the form of a Big L sample from “How Will I Make It?” I’ve never heard that track before and I can’t remember a time where I head banged so hard. Definitely not since quarantine started, that’s for sure.”

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KAINA – Song For Ewe

“His phrasing reminds me of something like Superfreak by Rick James because its like this super exaggerated storytelling about a this out there and extra person. The production however, is what really inspires me, it is cool to see artists from another time blending genres how I try to now or other artists in 2019 do.”

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“We will never make the same record twice, and the fundamental elements of ‘psychedelia’ are to broaden your scope. We’ve found fans in this track via idols and people who previously never got us. That’s what it is all about.”

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