Tag: Constellation Records

LUNGBUTTER – Song(s) For Ewe

“I love this track in particular for its contrast of noisy dissonance and the incredibly catchy sax interlude mid-song. Four and a half minutes into an ominous buildup of monotone vocals and an increasingly persistent mechanical growl, the saxophone busts in with a true earworm and shatters the vibe.”

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RED KITE – Lucky 7

“Annie Clark is in a league of her own right now when it comes to originality and inventiveness. This track also has an incredible outro which feels as though it could keep on building forever. And as if that wasn’t enough, she is a breathtaking guitarist to boot. I want all of her guitars.”

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“I first heard Albanian iso-polyphonic singing on a compilation of traditional Balkan folk music. Since forever my favourite music to listen to has been generally non-Western… When Mt Zion was on tour in the early days (pre-Internet everything), there was a music store in Paris we used to get really excited to go to because you could find amazing rare recordings of music from around the world. We picked up this compilation at some point and it made a huge impression on me musically.”

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