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DAVID LANCE CALLAHAN – A Song For Boo (A Halloween special)

“Now things start to get mysterious and frightening. Gothically so. Lightning splits a tree into the shape of a cross. The Cross. God’s voice surrounds the young man in the maelstrom. He cowers. His horse throws him to the ground. More lightning illuminates the face of Christ in the sky. He cowers, even more, regretting his so-recent evil past to the depths of his soul.”

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“It’s an unfortunate – though entirely natural – modern consequence of many of the great musical innovations having happened post-war that a lot of people’s online postings are RIP messages about the death of an ailing originator. So it was for me, when remarkable soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone died on 6 July. One of the first LPs I ever owned as a child was the budget RCA Camden version of a compilation of two of his soundtracks, with “A Fistful of Dollars” on one side and “For a Few Dollars More” on the other – it’s still a worthy entry-level purchase for anyone wishing to dive into Morricone’s peerless and bottomless work. A massive influence on my music which, naturally, sounds nothing like it.”

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